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The plan is to have the live event every 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Each player will have to fill out their character’s Downtime Action Sheet™ and deliver it to a Storyteller by the Monday before the next event. This can be done via the account. The form will be uploaded on our site soon. Those who don’t deliver their reports by the deadline clearly spent the time on their ass watching the home shopping network wondering whether or not to order the Ginsu Knife™, so we’ll assume their characters did so as well.


During downtime each character gets a number of action points to spend as they see fit. Those action points are equal to that character’s mental traits plus allies and retainers ratings. Thus, if a character has 7 mental traits, 1 ally and 3 retainers he gets 11 action points total to use in the intervening weeks between events. Allies are not your lackeys and can only be used to perform actions strictly within their area of expertise.

These action points can be used in the following ways:
• Meet another Kindred or Kine
• Use any one influence
• Attack another’s assets
• Protect one’s own assets

As far as raising skills and disciplines, the following system applies only to mental trait action points (all fractions are rounded down):
• To advance a discipline the time needed is level to be achieved in weeks, action points are halved for the duration
• To learn a new discipline the time needed is two weeks, action points are one third
• To advance a skill the time needed is level to be achieved in weeks with action points at two-thirds
• To advance a knowledge the time needed is level to be achieved in weeks minus the character’s mental traits in days, action points are one third

Vampires need blood to sustain their undying existence. Here is how feeding works in ABN:
• Each character needs to feed twice a week. Each such feeding incurs a roll from the Storytellers. On a 1 your character has been spotted and it’s more fun for us! (breach of the Masquerade, hunters, etc)
• Your character has to feed one more time for every three blood traits they spend from the beginning of one event up until the beginning of the next one
• Each point in herd allows you to avoid one hunt per downtime
• Characters who have two levels in either Dominate, Obfuscate, or Presence get one re-roll per discipline per downtime
• Characters with three or more levels in one of the above mentioned Disciplines get two re-rolls
• Only one re-roll is allowed on any one hunting roll
• Characters with two levels in Animalism can avoid one hunt per downtime
• Characters with ghouls have to hunt one extra time per month for each retainer
• Characters with flaws such as Permanent Wound or the Bulimic derangement or any other cheap trick to hoard a few more free traits have to hunt two to four extra times per downtime
• Characters with flaws such as Grip of the Damned or any other crap like that fail a hunting roll on a roll of 1 to 3


If two or more players want to meet during downtime they will ask for Storyteller permission first. If we can’t be present then we require a timely and accurate report of what was said from every participant.
Special sessions for some characters may take place during downtime as the chronicle bears on. These will be organized and sorted out according to your loving Storytellers’ ineffable judgement.

What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine

Vampires thrive on hoarding power. It’s even better when they steal that power from their enemies. Here’s how to do it:
• Each Influence has fifteen traits. Traits as yet unclaimed can be achieved fairly easily. If you want in but no one’s selling then you have to fight your way in
• Only one character may have an Influence rating of 5 in any one category. If you covet that precious 5th level you have to find out who controls it and try to relieve him from it
• Only characters with four levels in an Influence can challenge the person who possesses the fifth level
• A character can use his Influence to discover the identity of others with equal to or lower leverage than him in each category. To discover anyone with a better score, one has to borrow enough traits via boons to match or exceed that character’s score
• You can tie up one of your influence traits per category per downtime in order to monitor your assets and get a timely warning if they’re being attacked

There are no other hard and fast rules on this battleground. You will have to swap, borrow and sacrifice Influence, Resources, Allies and Contacts traits according to what you want to do on a case by case basis and always at Storyteller’s discretion. The only rule is that any such actions will have to be described, i.e. who you bribe, who you blackmail, whose ass you kiss, etc. Creativeness will be rewarded, stupidity ignored, if not scolded. And remember, anything goes!

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Rules on Influence Fights

General note: all resources used in the following ways are considered used up and only refresh at the beginning of the next live event. They are always spent from highest to lowest (one first uses his Political 3 before he uses his Political 2) and make no difference numerically but only in the effect in which they may be used. So be careful how you spend them because some actions may require a higher rating to perform than others. Also, one cannot use more than one of the same traits in attack or defense unless it’s in the same category. So a player who’s after Media 3 couldn’t spend 1 Media and 2 Resources but he could use 2 Media and 1 Resources instead. All resources spent in this way have to be relevant, according to player creativity and Storytellers’ discretion.

All bids are final; this will not turn into an auction. You only spend what you declare in your downtime sheet. The only exception is defending, when players will be notified by the Storytellers. However, once you declare how many traits you are defending with that’s final as well.

If a player wants to claim a free influence trait he has to devote assets to it during downtime. Those assets have to be equal in number (not value) to the trait he wants to claim. A player can only claim one free trait in any one category per downtime. Claiming a free influence costs one Action Point.

Example: if a character with Finance Influence 2 wants to claim one more trait and there are free traits available he must tie up 3 types of appropriate resources to match his target (i.e. Finance 3). He may say that he asks his ties in the stock market to sell a lot, thus creating some chaos to take advantage of (1 Finance), then he might spread some money around in the Ministry of Finance to woo some high-ups (1 Resources) and finally he could spread some rumors through the news that discourage others from buying while he consolidates his position (1 Media). That player would have spent 1 Action Point and 3 resources so by the end of the downtime period he would have Finance 3.

If more than one player attack the same Influence and there are enough free traits available they each get one. If there aren’t enough free traits then the character that spent the most resources gets the trait. If both characters spent the same number of traits, any resources and Action Points are lost for the period and the resource stays unclaimed. A player can use more resources than is required in order to get an edge but players should be wary of how they deplete their assets.

If a player, or players, wants to attack another’s influence they first need to discover who holds traits they can attack (as explained in the general rules). Then they need to spend as many resources as the trait they are attacking (again, in number and not value). If the player being attacked is aware of the infringement he can defend his resources by spending the same number of traits that his attacker did. Attacking another’s assets requires an Action Point but defending them doesn’t.

Example: if someone wants to steal someone else’s Police 3 then he can start by spreading some money around the police stations (1 Resources). Then he could divert attention from recent police fiascos (1 Media) before calling his friends in the ministry to ask for a few favors (1 Political). Then the defending player could call for an internal investigation (1 Police), tie up promotion issues (1 Bureaucracy) and stir up some trouble to divert attention (1 Street) while he cleans up the mess.

Either the attacker or the defender can always spend more traits to ensure the result. However, a defender monitoring his resources (general rules) always knows how many traits he needs to spend. If more than one player is attacking the same resource then the defender has to defend against all of them (obviously). If multiple players are attacking as a group and they win then they can decide who gets the trait. If they can’t decide then the trait is considered free as of the beginning of the next live event.

If a player wants to get the much coveted 5th trait in any influence he must of course have 4 traits in the category already; then he simply has to attack the one who has five traits and defeat him. If that trait is free then he simply must spend five other traits. However, if there are other players with 4 traits he must take them out of the running by eliminating their 4th traits before he can claim his 5th. This can be done in the same interval if the player has enough assets to spend.

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