Upgrade Slots and Armors
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Author:  Nocture [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Upgrade Slots and Armors

Το παρακάτω έχει μια λογική που τη καταλαβαίνω αλλά θέλω παράδειγμα για να δω το σπάσιμο...


Armor and Upgrade Slots Errata

The armor thing is a result of KOTOR and S&V being in the works at the same time, with KOTOR using an earlier draft of S&V’s modification rules.

Things were further complicated when I noticed that the original definition — “1 slot for normal armor, 2 slots for powered armor” — depended on something that doesn’t exist in Saga: “Powered armor” is no longer a separate category, and it is never defined in the rules. (Also, it is conceptually problematic: If you consider Stormtrooper armor to be “powered,” as the earlier editions did, could you make any armor “powered” by adding a helmet package?)

I proposed an alternative — “1 light, 2 medium, 3 heavy” — and put that in my edited copy of Chapter 2. At the time, I didn’t know that KOTOR was already using the “powered armor” wording, and it appears that by the time this inconsistency was noticed, it was too late to change KOTOR to match. So, some time after it left my hands, they went back to the original version (note how the armors in Chapter 2 specifically point out “this is powered armor” on everything that is), but they apparently missed the reference on page 37.

So, here’s how it should work:

* Scum & Villainy page 37: In the second paragraph under Upgrade Slots, replace the second sentence with the following: “Unlike most armor, powered armor has two free upgrade slots.”
* Definition: Armor counts as “powered armor” if it is specifically described as such, or if some variation of the word “power” appears in its name (such as a Corellian powersuit).

As of right now, I think this is a complete list of powered armor:

* Saga Edition core rulebook: Corellian powersuit
* Scum & Villainy: GTU-1C Combat Armor; GTU-1S Scout Armor; Krail 210 Personal Armor.
* Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide: Battle Armor, Light Powered; Battle Armor, Powered; Battle Armor, Heavy Powered. (Mandalorian Armor is not powered armor, but it gains extra upgrade slots due to its design.)

Speaking of Mandalorian Armor, the number of upgrade slots will almost certainly be reduced a bit because this was probably meant to make it possible for Mandos to carry a lot of cool gear built into their armor (as the Fetts do). However, the original version of the S&V customization rules were not quite so “gadget friendly,” in that the Integrated Equipment modification took 1 slot and only added 1 piece of gear. Since the rewritten version allows up to 10 pieces of integrated equipment but only takes up 1 or 2 upgrade slots, all those extra slots are unnecessary (and just a tad unbalancing, given all the other possibilities in S&V).

I think the most likely change is where all Mandalorian armor provides two upgrade slots, like the Beskar’gam in S&V. In addition, all Mandalorian armor in KOTOR has built-in integrated equipment slots: 2 for the light armors (Neo-Crusader Light Armor and Mandalorian Combat Suit), 5 for the medium and heavy armors (Mandalorian Battle Armor and Neo-Crusader Assault Armor). This fits the spirit and intent of the original version.

Ο κύριος που το προτίνει ο Gary M. Sarli, freelance writer, editor, and cartographer και επί της ουσίας συνοψίζει εδώ το εννοεί http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75862/19433678/Help_Me_Out_3:_Scum_38;_Villainy_Hangups?pg=6

* Normal (non-powered) armor - 1 upgrade slot
* Powered armor - 2 upgrade slots
* Beskar'Gam - 2 upgrade slots
* Mandalorian Neo-Crusader light armors - 2 upgrade slots + Integrated Equipment upgrade (2 pieces of equipment)
* Mandalorian Neo-Crusader medium/heavy armors - 2 upgrade slots + Integrated Equipment upgrade (5 pieces of equipment)

Author:  Nocture [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Upgrade Slots and Armors

http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/ ... ngups?pg=2

Possible Erratas:

* Delete the rules on page 37, Armor has one Upgrade slot, Powered Armor two
* Like most equipment, all armors have [s]one[/s] free upgrade slots, but powered armor always has two extra free upgrade slotts. This often makes these heavier, slower armors appealing to mercenaries and hunters as mobile equipment platforms, even if a lighter armor might allow them to avoid more attacks. [your interpretation]
* Like most equipment, all armors have [s]one[/s] free upgrade slots, but powered armor always has [s]two free[/s] one additional upgrade slotts. This often makes these heavier, slower armors appealing to mercenaries and hunters as mobile equipment platforms, even if a lighter armor might allow them to avoid more attacks. [my interpretation, would need additional errata in the armor description..., hmm I think I talked myself out of this interpretation]

Author:  Nocture [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Upgrade Slots and Armors

Τέλος κάτι για tweaking... Αν τελικά ισχύει ο κανονας για 1,2,3 σε light, medium and heavy powered armor να πως αποκτάς παραπάνω Slots..


First you can't install SR 10 in medium armor [it must be Heavy Armor for at least medium sized characters]

Now if you want SR 10 in heavy armor and an internal generator you have a very few options. Though frankly 10 round son an energy cell isn't bad so the internal generator isn't a need.

You need to start with either Powered Heavy Armor [or Besker Armor] or Medium Armor enlarged to Heavy.

This gives you 2 slots.

For the third slot you need to use Tech Specialist to grant the armor an extra slot.

Now you have 3 slots. At this point you can install the SR 10.

The you either strip the joints or the defensive material.

Now you have 4 slots. And can install the internal generator.

Now if you start with Medium Power Armor [2 slots] Enlarge it to Heavy [1 slot] and use Tech Specialist [1 slot] you don't even need to strip anything to get the SR 10 and the Internal Generator.

So it's very possible to get both a internal generator and a SR 10. Of course an internal generator only increases the 10 rounds of Shields to 40 rounds which while big isn't really that important.

Author:  Nocture [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Upgrade Slots and Armors

Από τον ίδιο



Powered Armor

This won’t be exact, but we can determine roughly what makes armor powered rules-wise. From the description of the powered armor in the KotOR CG, all powered armor comes with a free helmet package and has two free upgrade slots. They also have their armor bonus to Reflex defense reduced by one, cost a few thousand credits more and weigh about 1-2 kg more. For example, a normal set of medium battle armor costs 7,000 credits and has +8 armor, +2 equipment, weighs 16 kg and, as medium armor, has 2 upgrade slots. Reduce the armor bonus to +7, increase the weight to 17 kg, add two upgrade slots and a helmet package and then increase the cost by 4,000 credits and you now have powered medium battle armor. Heavy powered armor follows the same rough formula, as does light powered armor (though it only costs 3,000 credits extra). If you wanted a powered version of any armor, first reduce its armor bonus by 1. Then add 1-2 kgs of weight, include a helmet package and 2 upgrade slots. Finally, increase the cost by 3,000-4,000 credits (maybe 3k for light armors, 4k for medium and heavy armors). While this isn’t a perfect method at all, it does give you a guideline to follow.

No Automated Weapons in Armor

There is a paragraph about autonomous weapon mounts in Scum And Villainy, but Rodney has since clarified that it was left in by mistake. They were going to have a mechanic for weapons that fire by themselves at some point, then removed it, but one paragraph referring to it got left in by mistake.

Author:  Nocture [ Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Upgrade Slots and Armors

Μετά από φιλοσοφικές ερωτήσεις και αρκετή μελέτη τα πράγματα έχουν ως εξης:
Δύο βιβλία ασχολούνται με Armor upgrades και τα δύο γράφονταν ταυτόχρονα και στο ένα άλλαξε μάλιστα ο συγγραφέας στη μέση (άλλη μια επιτυχία της WoTC). Δε πειράζει. Μασώντας φύλα δάφνης και διαβάζοντας μερικά forum εντοπίσαμε ποιο πάνω τα αίτια και τις απαντήσεις και συνοψίζω στο πως ακριβως θα έχουν τα πράγματα.

'Ολες οι Normal (non - powered) light/medium/heavy armor έχουν 1 upgrade slot και δεν έχουν integrated equipments.

Όλες οι Power Armors έχουν 2 upgrade slot

Όλα τα armors μπορούν να αποκτήσουν MAX άλλο 1 upgrade slot βάση των κάτωθι μεθόδων:

Μπορεί λοιπόν να κάνει 1 από τα κάτωθι

Stripping Defensive Material 1 slot -1 at Ref Bonus and Fort bonus till 0.
Remove Joint Material 1 slot Doubles the weight and decrease the maximum Dexterity bonus by 1
Increase Equipment Size 1 slot One step heavier (once)


1. Το παραδοσιακό κιμονό των Mandalorians Beskar'Gam έχει 2 upgrade slots
2. Οι Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Light armors έχουν μεν 2 upgrade slots αλλά έχουν και integrated equipments 2 slots σαν bonus για gadgets.
3. Οι Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Med/Heavy έχουν μεν 2 upgrade slots αλλά έχουν και integrated equipments 5 slots σαν bonus για gadgets.

Τι είναι το integrated equipment: It has to do 3 sizes or more smaller equipments than the armor. The equipment is considered constantly ready for use and need not to be drawn. Swap of equipments takes 10min DC 10 Mech. πχ φακός..., γυαλιά infra etc.

Στην ερώτηση ΓΙΑΤΙ να μη πάρω και εγώ μία Mandalorian armor η απάντηση είναι Military/rare αλλά ειδικά για εσάς που δεν είστε Mandalorians... illegal.

Tech Specialist:

Ο Tech Specialist μπορεί να κάνει κάποια πράγματα συγκεκριμένα στα devices. 1 από τα κάτωθι μπορούν να γίνουν ανά device.

Agile armor: max Dex bonus +1
Fortifying Armor: +1 Fort Def Bonus
Protective Armor: +1 Ref Def Bonus
Extra Slot: 1 upgrade slot (εδώ λοιπόν αναγνωρίζουμε ότι υπάρχει 1 ακόμη slot που μπορεί να δημιουργηθεί σε ένα device).

Τα modifications του Tech Specialist δεν κάνουν stack με τα modifications του Superior Tech Specialist αλλά μόνο με τα modifications από τα upgrades.

Υ.Γ. Ίδια λογική ισχύει και για τα όπλα.

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