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 Zachary: Lost in the Woods 
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Post Zachary: Lost in the Woods
There was no point.

I had known before, as I knew the moment I was addressing the crowd. Somehow, I had always known - deep in my gut. I was not cut out for this sort of thing.

Citizens of the wastelands, new companions and friends of old,

I have words for you. I know very well, that decisions have been made, but when a decision is wrong, it must be reconsidered.

Please, give me the chance to talk to you, from the deepest corners of my heart, and know that what I share with you now, is the truth of my soul and my mind, and those of you who respect either, should give me a chance to finish, before considering interrupting me.

I paused to take a deep breath, and to check whether any of it was working. It was a slippery slope I was about to tread on - oh, I knew that well - but to hell with it. It was now or never. The brutality of open war had actually reached our doorstep, and these sheep would have to crash-course through a morality lesson ASAP, or lose their souls with the rest of the bunch.

I come from the city of ANEK, a beacon of hope and progress towards what we want to call the civilized world we wish to achieve. Nevertheless, I left that made-up place young, as I wanted to find myself among the true survivors of the World.

I offered the people I met what little knowledge I had gained, if it would help them, and then placed my hopes and dreams in a small village only to see it burn to the ground just as it was blooming.

Many of you here are all that's left of that village. I stand here before you with a vow and affirm. I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN.

It seems that the dark clouds are amassing again around us. In an earlier time, I would have looked for the shelter of hiding and of allies - not so much for me, but for those I have always felt I am meant to protect. But, alas, these difficult times offer neither for any man of principle - any man who wishes to be able to live with himself after managing to survive.

Right.. This is it. You managed to get this far, now you have to make'em believe in you. Even if you don't believe in yourself..

Courage, man. No more lies! Courage! Give it to them!

I am not going to lie to you. Our enemies are many, and time flows against us. Still, we are the survivors of ECO, the rebuilders of the Tower of the Eastern Shore, and our resolve is stronger than it has ever been! We have been through too much to compromise our ethics for the sake of the feeling of false security.

I call upon you, fellow citizens, companions and, most of all, friends, do not let despair lead you down the path of you baser instincts. Arise to the challenges before you, and show your bare chest, as I do now before you, to your worst fears.

Be the men you want to be! And fate shall reward you, as fate always rewards the brave. And if it is so, that we stand alone in this storm, then so be it. I, for one, will stand beside you, and if you wish it, as your leader.

Who shall stand beside me?

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Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:48 pm
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Post Re: Zachary: Lost in the Woods
Thoughts and nightmares

Weeks have passed since that dreadful day. Late at night, I feel that History should somehow forget days like that. What followed bears shame for every man and woman who stood in our crowd, in action or inaction - and worst among them myself, for it is my providence and my burden, to make this world into a better place.

Yet I still ask myself, as I clean my weapons and replenish the settlement's ammunition supplies, am I truly the man to guide them to that path, or is it someone else? For it would not be the first time that I, perchance, have been deceived by my own Pride and are thus, denying these people their better, happier future.

No. This is nothing but meaningless garbage aiming to ruin my resolve. I will not let that happen.
Too much is hanging in the balance.

Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:23 pm
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Post Re: Zachary: Lost in the Woods
They arrived early one morning with a caravan we were expecting.

Tina was leading the six of them. I hadn't seen her for the better part of the last ten years - she had changed a lot. She was a grown woman now, must have seen more than 25 summers in her life. Still a beauty though.

They were all from ANEK - scientists and craftsmen and teachers that did not want to find themselves in the middle of the struggle that was inevitably forming up between our homeland and the South Cross. Looking for safety - in the wilderness. Crap.

But this wasn't the half of it. Along they brought a dozen of children of all possible ages, gathered from the streets and corners of the South Cross, urchins with no parents of other caretakers, half of them undernourished, who almost jumped at the chance of an escape from their dreadful lives.

Tina seemed so happy and relived to be reunited with me after all these years, that I barely knew what to say of the whole situation, or of the burden that she, so unquestioningly, laid upon me and mine. Her expectations were so high - she had heard that our settlement was safe and rich and growing, and that I was a prominent member among its denizens. So far from the truth.

As soon as the caravan left and everybody understood what happened, the rumors spread like wildfire. Six new grown-ups would be big news enough, even given the fact that I personally knew half of them and could vouch for them, but a bunch of kids?? And at a time like this, right after the latest incidents?!

Nobody liked this - and with good reason..

We were not a safe home for anyone, everybody knew that, plus the South Cross would be coming our way any day now, and not with the best of intentions. How were we supposed to shelter kids? At the same time though, how were we supposed to send them away?..

I made may case clear. We should and would take care of those children as it was our moral duty - at least we who felt this way. The people from ANEK and most of the people of the settlement stood with me on this - even if some of them did so reluctantly - and so we started setting uo extra space around the Tower.

Nevertheless, I knew that the days ahead of us were going to be hard. Meh.. aint they always.

Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:43 pm
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Post Re: Zachary: Lost in the Woods
The Dream

"A school!", Richard's voice was full of excitement. "Exactly", replied Tina. "This is our plan", I continued. "A school, but one suited for the children of the frontier, as well as the new generation of the Wasteland." Together, we laid out ideas for the basic curriculum. On one side we would teach Earth Sciences, Survival, First Aid, Agriculture and Livestock Management - and on the other side, we would instill the notions of Mathematics through the needs for Arithmetics, the notions of Physics through the needs for Mechanics, the notions of Philosophical and Conceptual Thinking through the needs for a Religious belief.

The idea was to make these younglings into capable, knowledgeable, self-confident, idealistic, moral men and women who would, in turn, be a better chance for this World when they grow up.

It was an crazy project - those kids were coming from terrible backgrounds and some of them had very fixed misconceptions about the world and its morality. All some of them wanted from us, was a bowl of soup and a place to sleep. Plus, there were those who had already gone towards putting the importance of the pointy edge of the sword above all else. Not to mention that our foolhardy project was attempted in the middle of a war affected environment.

Nevertheless, we were intensely determined - and more than qualified for the job. And our pupils were not exactly many - we were 8 teachers (together with Catalina), responsible of 12 disciples. Our group covered a very wide aspect of knowledges, crafts and skills, and my new friends from ANEK had brought a lot of new books and equipment with them.

One could even say that it probably have been a good thing that the community did choose me for their leader - being in the broken shape that I was, psychologically. Thanks to these children though, I had a new calling now, and I felt that it suited me more. After all, I believe I owe myself a lot more to those who never even had a chance yet, than those who've had plenty and have blown them all thus far..

Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:15 am
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