Dates and Events

3,973 BBY

This is the period of restoration, a period of peace and prosperity for the republic. Yet a very dramatic event occurred that both the Senate and the council decided to hide, something that would hunt the next decade:

  • Battle of Cathar

3,966 ΒΒΥ

This is the year that our characters start participating on the events at the galaxy. With headlines we provide the major events that took place:

  • Planet Nyriaan: The perfect Storm
  • Building the Holonet: Beacons of Hope
  • Alba Longa: Change of Hearts change of Leaders
  • A False SOS
  • What happen to Cathar?
  • The battle of Kessel

3,965 BBY

The war has begun. Small skirmishes are taking place on Outer Rims.

3,964 BBY

The war becomes a serious threat for the Republic and major battles with million losses are taking place:

  • First Battle of Suurja
  • Second Battle of Suurja
  • Third Battle of Suurja
  • Fourth Battle of Suurja
  • Battle of Flashpoint Station
  • Padawan Massacre of Taris
  • Battle of Vanquo

3,963 BBY

The war continues more viciously than when it started and heavy losses on prime systems have started to mark the fall of the Old Republic.

  • The First Battle of Taris
  • First Battle of Onderon.
  • Battle of Serroco.
  • Battle of Omonoth.
  • Battle of Myrkr.
  • Battle of Jebble.
  • The Bombardment of Coruscant
  • First Battle of Iridonia.
  • The Second Battle of Iridonia
  • The Battle of Duro
  • The Battle of Ithor
  • The Battle of Dagary Minor
  • The Attack on Zabrak Colonies